3 OBGYN Tips For Getting Pregnant

If you and your partner have had a hard time conceiving a child, it is a great idea to talk with your OBGYN. This is exactly what they specialize in, and they are there to help you no matter what stage of infertility you are in. When you first visit them, they will likely have some tips for you that may help you to become pregnant without the need for testing and/or medication. If these things don't work, they will then take the next step forward and do these things. However, a lot of people have success using these tips and can get pregnant. Here are 3 OBGYN tips for getting pregnant. 

Use An Ovulation App 

One excellent method for getting pregnant is using an ovulation app. This is an app that you can download onto your phone or tablet and it will tell you when you are estimated to be ovulating. The accuracy of the estimate depends on the information that you put into the app, so it is very important that you put in the correct information. This will include the day your period started and stopped, how long your cycle generally is, how old you are, etc. This information is used, in combination with regular statistics, and you are then given a percentage of the likelihood that you may get pregnant if you have intercourse on a certain day. 

Ovulation Tests 

If you want to go a step further and be even more accurate, then your OBGYN may suggest that you use ovulation tests. These tests let you know for sure if you are ovulating when you are supposed to be ovulating. Ovulation tests are so accurate because they test for luteinising hormone in your urine, which shows up around the time you ovulate. The higher the levels are, the closer you are to ovulating. However, because ovulation tests can get pricey, you should use them in conjunction with an app so that you only use them when you are supposed to be ovulating. 

Ensure You Are Mentally And Physically In Good Health

Things like poor diet and stress can effect the likelihood of you becoming pregnant. Because of this, your OBGYN may ask you certain questions about your mental and physical health. If they notice that there are some issues in your life, they will recommend that you work on these to get your mind and body in a state where pregnancy is more likely to occur. They may suggest things like eating a well balanced diet, managing your stress, getting enough sleep, exercising, etc. 

To increase your chances of getting pregnant, you OBGYN may suggest that you download an ovulation app, purchase some ovulation tests, and make sure that you are in the best mental and physical health possible. Click here for more info on fertility.

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