Goals Of Having A Perineoplasty

When you visit a cosmetic gynecology clinic in your community, you're taking a big step forward in your effort to improve the look of your genital region and thus increase your self-esteem. Many people rely on cosmetic gynecology at various times in their lives, but one or more of these treatments can especially be appealing after you finish having children. In this stage of your life, you may wish to make some changes to give your genital area more of a youthful appearance. One cosmetic procedure that may interest you is a perineoplasty, which involves targeting your perineum — the small area of skin between your anus and vagina — with a specialized laser. Here are some goals associated with a perineoplasty.

Scar Reduction

Some women develop scarring in their perineum as a result of tearing that occurs during childbirth. If you've had scarring in this part of your body, you might not feel good about its appearance. This could affect your self-esteem, particularly when you're in the bedroom with your partner. A common goal of booking a perineoplasty appointment is the reduction of the scar tissue in this part of your body. This procedure can give the skin a smooth, natural look, restoring its appearance before the tearing occurred.

Skin Tightening

As you age, you often experience loosening of the skin in many areas of your body. The skin on your perineum can loosen over time, which can result in this area looking saggy. This is another issue that could affect your confidence in the bedroom, which may extend to lower self-esteem in your daily life. A common goal of having a perineoplasty is to tighten the skin in this part of your body. This procedure will result in a more youthful look, which can make you feel better about yourself.

Vaginal Tightening

While many people book a vaginoplasty procedure when they wish to specifically tighten the opening to their vagina, it's also common for a perineoplasty to tighten this part of your body to some degree. This makes this procedure popular for some people after they finish having children. Some people may feel that a perineoplasty tightens their vagina adequately, while others may still favor having a vaginoplasty at some point in the future. If you feel that a perineoplasty could be an appropriate procedure for you, contact a local cosmetic gynecologist to set up an appointment at which you can learn more.

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