Two Ways You Can Benefit By Taking Birth Control

If you believe that the only purpose of taking birth control is to prevent pregnancy, you might want to think again. Birth control offers a range of benefits that far exceed that of only keeping an individual from conceiving. While it's widely known that birth control can help a person manage some of the more unpleasant menstrual symptoms, there are other medical issues that can also be treated with birth control. Keep reading to learn more about two ways that taking birth control can benefit you.

Taking Birth Control Can Reduce Your Risk Of Getting Ovarian Cancer

The big "C" word is something that everyone wants to avoid. Lifestyle changes and genetic dispositions aside, there's one more thing you can do to reduce the chances that you'll develop ovarian cancer: take an oral contraceptive.  A study showed that women who took oral contraceptives for at least five years reduced their risk of getting ovarian cancer by approximately 50 percent. This is a very substantial drop and it should definitely give you something to think about.

For some women, ovarian cancer runs in their families. They may worry that they, too, will one day be diagnosed with the ailment. A great way to increase your own peace of mind and reduce the likelihood that you'll get the disease is to start taking an oral contraceptive now. Your gynecologist can let you know about your options and help you pick the birth control that is most likely to be compatible with you so you can avoid any unnecessary side effects.

Birth Control Pills May Be Able To Help Wih Iron-Deficiency Anemia

When you think about it, there's really no mystery to why one in five women of childbearing age has Iron-Deficiency Anemia (IDA.) Losing so much blood on a monthly basis means that a great deal of iron goes out with it. Women who don't supplement the iron loss are at risk of developing IDA.

Taking birth control pills is a good way to fight back against IDA. After you start to take birth control pills you'll likely find that you aren't flowing as heavily as you once did. Also, some birth control pills contain iron.

You owe it to yourself to maximize your life experience in any way that you possibly can. Take the next step by setting up an appointment with a gynecologist at centers like Healthcare for Women Only so you can get your birth control prescription and open up some amazing advantages.

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